InterActive LegalSuite Online

Introducing the NEW InterActive LegalSuite™

The new ILS delivers the latest document drafting technology in a completely online experience. It is easily accessible on a wide range of devices using standard browser technology (including laptops, desktops and even tablets).

New Features

  • Multiple documents of the same type can be added to a Matter.
  • Sidebar menus are collapsible to enlarge the display allocated to interviews.
  • Responsible Attorney field added to client properties.
  • Additional display and sort options have been added for clients, custom profiles, and document packages.
  • Assembled Documents are downloaded to the user’s local system upon assembly eliminating the need to sync documents between ILS and your local system.
  • Firms can restrict access to the “Firm Preferences” interview, thereby protecting their default answers from unwanted changes.
  • Content updates can be released at any time, consequently, firms do not have to wait for a software release to get a requested update or correction.
  • Answer Files can be shared with ILS support personnel from within the NEW ILS platform.

Enhanced Efficiency Tools

  • The process to create/edit custom profiles has been streamlined for greater efficiency.
  • All firms can now create custom document packages for use with their clients.  

Lower Firm Workload and Technology Cost Savings

  • ILS subscriptions are configured and managed online by ILS personnel which brings down IT costs associated with software maintenance at the firm.
  • Software updates are performed by ILS personnel, thus removing this workload and responsibility from the firm.
  • Firms no longer need Amazon WorkSpace and WorkDocs technology resulting in reduced costs associated with third-party software and training.
  • No additional hardware or software is needed to share client data between multiple firm locations, thus reducing technology costs at the firm.

Enhanced Security

  • Subscribers can set up optional Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for enhanced security at login.
  • Implements the highest security standards for privacy and data security, both in transit and at rest.
  • All answer files are fully encrypted and stored securely in the same Amazon servers trusted by companies like Liberty Mutual, Netflix, and Nasdaq.
  • Full system logging to detect and respond to potential unauthorized access and detect who is doing what with your data from within your firm.
  • Fully control who, in your firm, can have access to the system. Individual users have their own permissions and users can be added or removed, as your organization changes.

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